Saturday, November 6, 2010

for b gramma.

this is a special entry dedicated to my gramma b that passed away last wednesday. she was ornery, and stubborn and pigheaded and was never afraid to tell anyone what she thought... her famous lines were "huh!", " you're the limit". "oomfta", "hooo hoo", "im getting old you know", " juuuuuuuudddddddyyyyyy!", " ronnie my brother", "that damn hoolio!" , and countless others.. she was witty and never backed down from a good argument.. and hated playing rummy with grandpa cause he was a damn cheater, even though she was always the one cheating. i remember our trip to winnipeg to see tami jo.. 8 hours in the back seat with gramma wasn't bad but the half hour in the restaurant of the hotel with her was.. if she wasn't yelling at the top of her lungs about having the diarrhea and needing imodium she was talking about how all the chinese waiters looked the same (the waiters were filipino).. i will always remember going over to aunty judy's and walking through the front door and first thing hearing gramma yelling "juuuuuuuuuddddy get me some coffee!" or telling the dogs to quit their barking... or going to visit her in the hospital and her telling me she had an infection in her katopakis (esophagus) or a cracked flelvis (pelvis) or calling dr. padiachi "dr. adapachi".. you could never get a good nights sleep with gramma in the house because she went to bed at 6 every afternoon and was up every morning at 4. i remember spending the night at aunty judy's once and grandma came in at 5am to get me up for work.. i didn't work till 11. but of course grandma was always right and i wasn't allowed to go back to sleep... she always offered hot cocoa when you went to visit and her freezer was always stocked with frozen goodies. there was a soft side to grandma too. she was always so full of love and ready for hugs, she took care of you when you were sick and picked you up when you were feeling down.. she will be forever remembered..... she will be the wind that rustles the leaves in the fall, the snowflakes that fall from the sky in the winter, the flowers that bloom in the spring... she will be everywhere, in everything we do. her love will inspire us and help us to grow. she will always be with us.

If tears could build a staircase and memories were a lane

We would walk all the way to heaven, to bring you home again

No farewell words were spoken, no time to say good-bye

You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why

Our hearts ache in sadness, and secret tears will flow

What is meant to lose you, no one will ever know.


xoxo t.

Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween 2010.

well i guess theres no better time than the present to begin this new blog.. lets start with a congrats to the loooovely SHEENA on her little addition... little halloween babester! congrats.congrats.CONGRATS.. your gonna be an amazing mommy.. i wish you all the best, your already a pro in the diaper department lolz.. also two thumbs up to the gents at the cabby, the music was top notch & loved the whole 80's demin attire and mullets.. so so so many amazing costumes.. loved the dude in the 70yr old hooters outfit.. breasts that sag down to your bellybutton were an asset haha i, myself went as a SWATofficer... perfect for a girl that has 20 minutes to get ready after working in the home all evening, kist threw on the vest and ball cap and i was all set... and a big THANKYOU to Andy B for being a huge pain in the ass,bustin my ass all night for being a couple hours behind on the drinking party... the shots really brought me up to par tho so thanks for that.. i was a beatuiful hungover disaster the next day and im pretty sure my residents could smell the whiskey seeping outta my skin.. smelled like the det. on a saturday night.. double bonus.. also this laady would like to wish her not so little nephew a happy 14th birthday, 5 more years and his ass is gonna be passed out on a bar stool on the account of moi feeding him 19 shots.. gotta love bar age celebrations.. but thats all for now.. halloween photos will be up soon.. xo t.

Friday, October 15, 2010


sorry folks.. my blog is currently undergoing a total makeover.. she needed a facelift so im throwing in a couple botox injections probono.. bear with me shes gonna need a little recovery time but we'll be back to shakin things up shortly.. xoxo t.